The story of Sookmyung Women's University
began with the imperial family of the Korean empire 100 years ago.

In 1906, Myungshin girls' school opened as the first Korean national women’s private school, Sookmyung.

In a period when women had difficulty receiving an education,
the emperor of the Korean empire, Gojong and empress Sunheun thought
our country’s future depended on women's education.

The belief in national salvation through women’s education
is the spirit and the power which founded Sookmyung
leading the Republic of Korea from its ancient imperial history.

Whenever our country has taken a step forward,
Sookmyung has shined brightly, subtly evolving.
Sookmyung is the gentle power to change the world.

* Narration: Broadcaster Geum Hee Lee (Political Science&International Relations 88’)


1. Hee Sun Jeong (Pharmacy 78’)
- The first woman director general of National Forensic Service in Korea

2. Kyoung Hee Kim (Composition 81’)
- The first woman conductor in Korea
- Professor of College of Music

3. Ki Eun Park (Physical Education 13’)
- The first woman ROTC officer
- The Top of 51st ROTC

4. Hye Soo An (Computer Science 11’)
- 2013 Google Anita Borg scholarship student

5. Hye Ji Yoon (Visual&Multimedia Design 09’)
- Designer of character ‘Molang’
- Honorary Ambassador for Seoul

6. Ye Won Jang (Communication&Media 10’)
- The youngest announcer of SBS

7. Hyun Jin Bae (Telecommunications 07’)
- Anchor of MBC News Desk

8. Stephen van Vlack
- Professor of TESOL MA

9. Sandrine Guilhem (Communication&Media 13’)
- Exchange student (France)

10. Heather Douglas (Biological Science 13’)
- Exchange student (Canada)

11. Saet Byeol Moon (English 09’)
- 2013 LG Global Challenger’s student representative

12. Su Hyun Lee (Korean Language&Literature 00’)
- Foreign reporter of The New York Times

13. Joong San Oh
- Professor of Business Administraion

14. Ju Hee Kim (Political Science&International Relations 11’)
- Sookmyung Leadership group ‘Apple Tree’
- The best global volunteering student

15. Kyung Min Kim (Education 10’)
- Visually impaired teacher of general school
- Graduation at the top of College of Liberal Arts

16. Dong Eun Park (English 58’)
- The most reappointment of a secretary general of The Korean Committee for UNICEF
- The best rescue fund raising of all time

17. Kyoung Hee Kim (Composition 81’)
- The first woman conductor in Korea
- Professor of College of Music


Gentle power to change the world
Sookmyung Wonen's University
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